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Amazon Parrots(Male & female) for sale

Amazon parrots birds for sale|

like wide open spaces so provide a roomy cage. Provide a cage with vertical bars and small perches of different size for foot exercise. Have at least 1 perch set high in the cage for the beautiful Amazona parrots to roost (sleep). The cage should be placed high, so the Parrot can look down on us so to speak.

Social Behaviors of Amazon parrots

They are good-natured social creatures that do well when kept in cages or in aviaries. They are Macho parrots though and are beautiful , lovebirds, quite birds by nature.

Male should be kept in a cage by themselves to ensure quality singing. .They have brilliant colorings, and each bird has distinct feather patterns to go along with its extroverted


They love require toys, chewable or any other form of entertainment, a swing is all they need to keep themselves occupied in health. Most of the time, Amazons can become chatty are simply enjoyed for their beauty and fun showoffs.

Breeding and reproduction :

Most amazon breed easily and readily if provided with quality food, lighting, secure surroundings, and conditioning. Breeding season for most parrots is usually from 7-11 weeks of age. they are an entertaining bird. They really enjoy spending time with their human flock, which is why they make excellent pets. This birds is large so it needs more care and attention towards it.


A carotenoid concentrate is also used by some experts and Canthaxanthin and Beta-Carotene are obtained as commercial supplements. These color feeding chemicals must be used carefully with close attention paid to proper quantities.
Most parrots do like to bath, so they should be offered a bird bath. Cage cleaning and toe nail trimming is about all the maintenance parrots need.



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