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Large Eggs Incubator for sale


Large Eggs Incubator for sale

Large Egg incubators for sale |

Product Description Large egg incubators

Large Incubators With Automatic Turner reverses the eggs forward and backward at predetermined interval to insure the best possible turning advantage. The clear plastic door allows for visual inspection of the eggs at all times. Highly precise controls and heating elements give best results. Adjustable float valve connected to the humidifier pan gives the unit automatic humidity control. Included in incubator is a 5 gallon water storage container. However, the unit is set up so it can be hooks directly to water line.


Incubator comes the a full set of plastic trays depending on your choice:

Capacities: for 1200 Egg Incubator – 1200 Chicken Eggs
– 800 Turkey, Duck, or Peacock Eggs
– 2240 Pheasant Eggs
– 4600 Quail Eggs
– 8400 Quail Eggs – Double Stacked
– 2240 Bantam Eggs
– 3800 Chukkar Eggs

Dimensions: 56″ High x 52″ Wide x 38 Deep”

This Large Incubator does not have a digital display. You pre-set your temperature with an offset screw on the solid state controller to match your thermometer-hygrometer on the inside of the unit. After reaching the desired set point, the unit will continually regulate the heaters on and off to maintain a constant temperature. The humidity is regulated by the control knob that transmits to the HMW40U Solid State Humidistat which controls the humidifier.


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