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Shaft-tail finch birds for sale


Hand fed
Hand Raised
DNA Sexed
hatch certificate
CITES Article 10 paperwork
negative PBFD and Psitticosis test
comes with : travel cage, food pack, toy pack

Shaft-tail finch birds (Male and female) for sale

 Shaft-tail Finch Birds can be difficult to sex males and females are nearly identical in appearance. When placed side-by-side, the male’s throat bib will appear a bit wider and triangular than the female’s.The male may also have a cleaner gray on the head and the flank stripe is said to be thicker as well. The male also has a rather high-pitched song that accompanies a hopping sort of dance.

Diet:A standard finch mix will be fine with Shaft-tail finches. They eagerly take egg food , greens and soaked millet. Grit and calcium in the form of crushed egg and oyster shells and cuttlebone should always be available to them.Live food (small mealworms, termites, ant pupae), millet, green food, egg food.

Life Cycle

Clutch size:4-6 eggs
Incubation date:After the last egg is laid
Hatch date:After 12-14 days of incubation
Fledge date:At 21 days of age
Wean date:Around 6 weeks of age
Begin molt:Within 8 weeks of age
Complete molt:3-4 months of age

Sexual maturity:

Although young may become sexually mature around the time they attain adult plumage, they should not be allowed to breed until they are at least 9 months old.


Of all of the Australian finches certainly one of the most stylish is the Long-tailed grass finch. Also called the Blackheart finch and more commonly just the Long-tail finch, they are an elegant looking bird naturally distributed in northern parts of the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

Shaft-Tail Finch Appearance

Not as ‘flashy’ as other finches, the Long-tail is an elegant bird with subtle colouration. It is predominantly grey, with a white ear patch and black ‘bib’ evident on the throat (hence the name ‘Blackheart’). The rump and underparts are white with a black flank-mark. A bar across the rump and a black stripe through the eye further provides a very sleek appearance.

Male and Female Shaft-Tail Finch

There is little difference in appearance between the sexes and usually only the trained eye can tell. The male’s throat-patch will usually appear wider than the female’s and the male’s beak may also be slightly larger, whilst the female’s head may be darker.

When landing on a perch, a Shaft-tail finch birds will bob its head up and down in a comical manner. Head-bobbing may also be used to greet each other. Clumping and allopreening occur commonly between members of a flock. Shaft-tails live in groups year-round. They love to sun bathe, but shaded areas should always be available to them within their enclosure.



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