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Birds Incubator ( Small ) for sale

Birds Incubator ( Small ) for sale |


Professional Hatcher: Birds Incubator

This hatcher is designed to be the perfect complement to the 1500 Professional Incubator. However, whatever incubator you choose, this hatcher is designed to allow for the best hatching conditions. Unlike setting incubators, hatchers usually operate at slightly different temperature and humidity settings to obtain optimum hatch. With five hatching drawers the 1550 Hatcher will hold the complete setting of the 1500 incubator. For expanding operations the 1550 can be matched with up to three 1500 incubators.

The 1550 can be used to set eggs, but each egg will have to be turned by hand. For small chicks such as quail, each hatching tray comes with a tray cover. This unit is also a great choice for incubating reptile eggs. If you remove every other tray, starting with the top tray, you should have plenty of room to place your containers inside to incubate your reptile eggs. The temperature will go as low as 60ºF, provided your room temperature is about 50ºF.



Approximately 1250 Quail Eggs or 360 Chicken Eggs


1 #3258 Digital Command Center – 5 hatching trays – 1 moisture pan with 2 wick pads – Instruction booklet – 4 hatching tray covers


Perfect Partner to GQF MFG 1500 Incubator- can be used with up to 3 #1500 Incubators for a constant rotating hatch.
Easy to set-up with all digital controls, and LCD display of temp and humidity.
Can be upgraded with the same accessories as other GQF Cabinet models- casters, acrylic door, water reserve bucket.
Large Capacity allows for operation to be as big or small as needed.

DIMENSIONS: 30 1/4” Front to Back, 15 3/4” Wide, 31 3/4” High. 110-120VAC, 50/60 Hz, 325 Watts. TUV Listed


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