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Yorkshire Canary (Male and female) for sale

¬†Yorkshire canary for sale |is a crossbreed bird often addressed as ‘gentleman of the fancy’. They are usually procreated as domestic birds and are very popular among bird fanciers. The present-day canaries are different than their ancestors, more for their physical appearance and health than color. The canaries were first shown in Yorkshire and hence were named after it. They were so in demand for their beauty and had a diversified heritage due to cross-breeding that a club was formed named Yorkshire Canary Club to decide the desired quality standards for the type canary.



The Yorkshire canary description is mainly bred for physical appearance rather than their color. They are developed by cross-breeding the common canary and Lancashire. It is the largest of the canary birds and can be as long as 6 in (15.2 cm). They have a graceful stance and are tall with an upper-body of broad shape and a narrow waist. Their head is small and the feathers tiny silky and tight. They can be of various colors like green, yellow, buff, cinnamon, and white.


What do they eat |

The canary bird’s diet mostly includes food like canary seed and rapeseed. Greens are also preferred by this species. Vitamin-coated seed mixes can be found in pet shops

Would they make a good pet?

Yorkshire canaries are made for being excellent fancy pets and show birds. They are developed by selective breeding for their physical appearances like wide back, narrow waist and feather quality, and mainly erect stance. Green, yellow, buff, cinnamon, and white are just a few of the hues that may be seen on them, but they are not bred for their colors. Their feathers are short and silky. The males are praised for singing. They also are kept together with finch.


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